Belief + Action = Change

Don’t Talk About It, Be About It

Building Communities, Broadening Horizons

The Community of Immanuel is a worldwide community of people who share the common goal of reaching a higher consciousness and finding greater enlightenment. We come from all walks of life and are not defined by age, race, gender, creed, or sexual orientation.

Immanuel (Hebrew: meaning God is with us). We strive to be and express the God within us in all that we do. We have no limiting or exclusionary doctrine to separate us from the rest of mankind. The core of our belief system is very simple.

  • We believe in Love, love of self, love of others, and love of life.
  • We believe in God, the God in each of us and in everyone and everything that lives.
  • We believe in Christ Consciousness, that enlightened state of being in which we are at one with the God in us.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to care for the Earth which must sustain us all.
  • We believe it is also our responsibility to care for those of us who are less fortunate.
  • We believe in the spiritual and medicinal healing properties of the Tree of Life.

“Love is the essential Element of our message and the foundation upon which our belief system is based. It begins with love of self. Then, it incorporates love of others. Finally, it extends to encompass love of life and every living thing."

-Ras Estifanos Immanuel-

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