Our urban existence has become untenable for many of us. It is too crowded, too noisy, too polluted, and too stressful. Too often we cannot seek the inner stillness that leads to self-reflection and growth because it is drowned out by the clamor of our urban environments. We seek refuge, a place of peace, a place for sustainable living. We have found a place where we can build.

The Community of Immanuel believes that sustainable living for the 21st Century is exemplified by solar and hydroelectric powered organic farming in the Tennessee Valley Authority service area. With an unlimited supply of sunlight and plentiful fresh water, we have the perfect environment in which to grow or raise what we need to live.

We plan to raise ostriches, bees, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables. We also plan to make our own beer and wine.

Co-operative living, on a solar powered and hydro electric powered organic farm and deepening your relationship with nature, whether for a brief visit or an extended stay, is an experience that should not be missed.

Multi-use structures that can utilize consolidated heating and coolingsystems are optimum because they allow us to tread lightly on the landwhile getting maximum benefit from its use. This residence above thebarn and equipment storage area is a perfect example.

We ask for contributions to cover the costs of acquiring the land, purchasing equipment, building structures, constructing the power plant, and purchasing seed, feed, and stock.


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